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The Charles A. Frueauff Foundation makes grants in the fields of education, human services and health-related causes around the country. As a rule, the Foundation does not support or make contributions to individuals, multi-year grants, international projects, state supported colleges or universities, primary and secondary schools, churches, or fund raising drives and special events.

Grants are limited to tax-exempt organizations that are described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Applicants must submit a photocopy of their most recent determination letter from the IRS.

The Foundation board meets twice a year to review grant requests. All awarded grant distributions are made once a year in mid December.

Current Grant Recipients Click Here

First Time Grantseekers
If your organization has not previously received funding from the Charles A. Frueauff Foundation, you may be eligible for consideration. To determine eligibility, please take the short online survey. For the sake of saving time and being most efficient and productive, we strongly encourage all grantseekers to stay true to your mission and purpose, while taking this survey. We simply cannot support all worthy organizations throughout the country.

After taking the survey, if your organization falls within the Foundation's grantmaking guidelines, all letter of inquiry instructions will be provided.

Interactive Applicant Survey

Current Grant Recipients
If you currently receive funding from the Frueauff Foundation or you have received confirmation from our office to submit a full proposal based on your Letter of Inquiry, please submit the following via postal service ONLY.

Proposal Deadlines are September 15th and March 15th. NOTE: proposals must be received in our office by March 15 or September 15, so please allow yourself time for mailing. A late proposal is not held over and considered at the next board meeting, a new request must be submitted.
When at all possible, please avoid waiting until the deadline. Make it your goal to BEAT the deadline, not MEET the deadline.

Proposal Guidelines:

• ONE Page Cover Letter which includes all contact information (mailing zip code, telephone, email and website if available), amount of request, and brief purpose of request.
• Proposal should include a history of the organization, project description, need for support, objectives, and time period.
• Projected budget, additional funding requested, and/or other funding sources received.
• A list of trustees (or directors) and key staff.
• Most recent audited financial statements.
• Copy of the latest IRS 501(c)(3) tax exemption letter.

The Charles A. Frueauff Foundation does not have a printed application form. Please do not send audio or video tapes.

All grant seekers will receive notification of the Foundation's decision regarding funding. The Foundation Board meets in November and in May.

Proposals should be directed to:
Sue Frueauff
The Charles A. Frueauff Foundation
200 River Market Avenue, Suite 100
Little Rock, AR 72201
Phone: (501) 324-2233 (CAFF)
Fax: (501) 324-2236

Below are the answers to many frequently asked questions about the Charles A. Frueauff Foundation:

Q: Do you provide seed money for projects?
A: Not for agencies the Foundation has not previously funded.

Q: Do you fund primary or secondary schools?
A: No

Q: Do you fund state-supported colleges and universities?
A: No, only private colleges and universities.

Q: Do you support international projects?
A: No, the Foundation only funds programs within the U.S.

Q: Do you fund churches?
A: No

Q: Do you support capital campaigns?
A: Yes

Q: Do you fund bricks and mortar?
A: Yes

Q: Do you contribute to endowments?
A: Yes

Q: Do you fund multi-year grants?
A: No

Q: Do you contribute to matching grants?
A: Yes

Q: Do you fund in a particular geographical area?
A: The Foundation primarily funds the South, Midwest and Northeast regions.
Typically the Foundation does not fund west of the Rockies.

Q: Are one-time-only grants considered?
A: Yes

Q: Do you support collaborative projects?
A: Yes

Q: What is an appropriate amount for a first-time seeker to request?
A: Generally, the Foundation has an upper limit of $10,000 for first time grantees.

Q: What should be included on the cover page?
A: It is very helpful to have the specific amount requested, the project name and brief description, and the contact person on the first page.
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